How to see non-human animals as owners of their own life | Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl | TEDxBreda

Giving people an opportunity to see other animals through different eyes, whether (non-human) animals they live with, or any other animal one might encounter in daily life. Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl is founder of the Learning Animals Institute of Ethics, Ethology and Animality studies, and is working for the change in awareness and understanding of the relationship between human and other animals. She wrote “The Cognitive Horse” together with Dr. Francesco De Giorgio (Italy 2014 “Comprendere il Cavallo” / US 2017 “Equus Lost?”). Graduating from the university of applied sciences in business and engineering in 1997, specialized in organizational change, Jose started her professional career combining her analytic skills with a keen eye for social dynamics and ability to facilitate cultural differences. Her work as cultural change facilitator continues up until today, building bridges for people with a passion for nonhuman animals, professionals and researchers, offering a possibility to break the many mental schemes and habits that our current anthropocentric oriented society brings along with it. In 2008 she founds Learning Animals together with her partner Dr. Francesco De Giorgio and has been working ever since in creating awareness to study human-nonhuman animal interactions from a socio-cognitive point of view. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at